Process Lockdown Checklist: How to Prepare a Used Corny Keg

Link to the Tracker – Keg Tracking Overview: Moving from bottling to kegging was a snap.  I wanted to go a different direction, and perhaps not spend as much time taking over the kitchen when my beer finally dropped bright.  It was taking way longer than I initially thought, and I was getting inconsistencies in the amount of carbonation from bottle to bottle.  I knew it was a mixing issue, but no matter what I tried, there were always a few that were almost flat, and a few of those that were gushers.  At 12 gallon batches, purchasing carbonation drops were too expensive to take seriously, and I was afraid of getting too much oxygen stirred in when I added the boiled sugar syrup.  I dropped a pretty obvious hint that I wanted kegs for Christmas (uhh, honey? Here is a link to what I want for Christmas, and let everyone […]