The Sound of Fermenting Beer

These first few posts are a little scattered, as I am going back and writing on ales I have made last year, then bottled or kegged, and consumed.  I have some follow-on to the posting layouts, future plans, how-to’s, and recipes that are yet TBD.  This posting is in reference to a text exchange my wife and I had yesterday.  My humor trends on the dry side, and so when I can make myself laugh so hard my coworkers begin to stare, I figure its worth posting about.  I  have 3 different beers from very recent brew sessions in the fermenters I got with my brewing equipment.  My wife is gracious enough to allow them in the kitchen, and they do tend to take up some room.  The constant glug and gurgle of fermenting beer is soothing to me, and I like to listen to the activity knowing that I have provided […]