I dropped off the Beer Planet!

So Sorry!  Its been too long since I have posted here about my beer… Between the Vacation my family took in May, the long hours put into my real job, a sudden interest in Ethereum mining, and a hard drive in my personal laptop with everything I had for this website crashing, I have had a full summer!  Sorry to everyone for not posting in a while.  It has taken some time to recover from vacation (tee hee). All in all, I am back!  Pulling together the recovered content from the crashed hard drive and back to posting real soon. I am moving over to hosted cloud drives, between Dropbox and Onedrive for media, and Onenote saved to the cloud, and my recipes backed-up online through beer-smith, I will be fail resistant from this point on! I have a whiteboard full of posting ideas on how to’s, about 6 recipe write-ups to […]