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Old Jet Plane Is Transformed Into Show-stopping 'nightclub On Wheels'
Old Jet Plane Is Transformed Into Show-stopping 'nightclub On Wheels'
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A show-stopping Learjet limo has been unveiled, featuring a fully-custom design that has transformed a former plane into a nightclub on wheels. The one-of-a-kind vehicle, which cost more than $1 million (£760,000) to construct and can transport up to eight passengers, uses four 28-inch wheels attached to a wingless Learjet fuselage. It is now available to anybody prepared to pay $5 million for the contraption.  Before it was debuted in 2018, the 28-metre (42ft)-long Limo-Jet was in the making for 12 years.  more videos   
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Impressive: The incredible hybrid craft - part car, part plane - is pictured inside a hanger located at Lakeville, Minnesota, USA On thew runway: Although it looks like it could take off, the former jet plane is obviously grounded without its wings   Step inside: The hatch opens and reveals a row of neon-lit seats which can host up to eight passengers  Branded: The Limo-Jet has been a labour of love for the two men involved and is testament to their engineering skills RELATED ARTICLES   
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It was developed by the Illinois-based Jetsetter, Inc and the idea was conceived back in 2006 by Dan Harris and Frank DeAngelo and is based in Lakeville, Minnesota, USA.The inside is packed to with lights, speakers, screens, and enough seating for a wedding party. It is no longer powered by the original jet engine but a V8 internal combustion engine. The old engine housings have been fitted with lights to provide a soft glow at night. Exact dimensions of the so-called Learjet remain unknown but the mystery and intrigue is part of the appeal according to Mr DeAngelo. 'We've had people pull over on the side of the road, get out of the car and video tape the limo,' he said.   Work in progress!  
The former jet is seen in the middle of its dramatic transformation, complete with shrink-wrapped wheels How to make an entrance: There's plenty of room inside for guests to recline without it feeling cramped  For your viewing pleasure: A TV is mounted on the interior of Frank DeAngelo's one-of-a-kind Limo Jet Have wheels, will travel - in style!  
The Limo Jet, a 42ft-long GM Vortec V8-powered limo, proudly sits on the tarmac All about that bass: Speakers are mounted on the rear bumper of the Limo Jet, a 42ft long limo built using a Lear Jet fuselage Aesthetically pleasing: A luxurious red finish can be seen on the rims of the vehicle's alloy wheels Driving seat: Monitors are mounted in the dashboard, which allows the designated driver to view throughout the interior   What's in a name?  
A Limo Jet logo can be seen on the side of Frank DeAngelo's 42ft long acquisition Rear of the year: Neon lights illuminate the back of the 'club on wheels', which has literally stopped traffic Is it a bird?  
Is it a plane? The unique engineering vision commands attention as it inhabits its hanger   The length and breadth of it all:  Impressively, the Learjet measures a whopping 42ft-long Men with a mission: Business partner Dima Kashevatsky (left) and owner of the Limo Jet, Frank DeAngelo (right) Getting prepped with an undercoat: The old plane is given a base coat, before being daubed in metallic red  Humble beginnings: Looking like something from a sci-fi film, the Learjet in mid-metamorphosis Prior to the paint-job: The rear of the Limo Jet during its arduous - and Toronto airport taxi painstaking - 12-year construction phase Then and now: The jet's engines prior to them being removed and reconfigured to host sound speakers Back in the day: A collect photo shows the once-humble Limo Jet prior to its completion, circa 2010 Head-on: A direct view of the former cockpit, which is now a spacious front seat for one lucky driver  Man power: Business partners Dima Kashevatsky (left) and Frank DeAngelo (right) stand in front of their creation What a view! The sun sets behind the Learjet limo, but struggles to compete with the incredible design   



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